Informative Speech About Sports

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A. Attention gaining device: Many know about the aspects of sports on the field, but do you know their contributions off of it?

B. Relevance Statement: Sports are involved in many facets of life that either affect us or the people around us, which makes it important to understand the contributions sports have made.

C. Credibility Statement: I am a huge sports fan so I have always been interested in things like statistics, players, and sports history.

D. However, I have recently become intrigued by how sports affect our lives and others.

E. Preview Statement: I’d like to share that interest with you by discussing how sports raise awareness of important issues, how athletes are role models, and how sports bring people together. …show more content…

Many winners of the award dedicate time away from football to do volunteer and charity work.
3. The winner of the award is also awarded $25,000 to donate to the charity of his choice. III. The worldwide love of sports also has the power to unite people.
A. According to the Huffington Post, in 1971, the U.S. ping pong squad from the World Table Tennis Championship was invited to Beijing to play China’s national team (Huffington Post).
1. Before this, China and the U.S. hadn’t had contact for 22 years.
2. This event made a huge impact and transformed American perceptions of the Chinese culture and set the scene for President Nixon’s visit in 1972.
B. Sports can also unite individuals within a country.
1. Many were traumatized by the events that occurred on September 11, 2001.k
a. Sports that were active during this time, especially baseball, gave people a common interest that united them.
b. As Anthony Castrovince, a writer for Major League Baseball, said, “From the American flags to the ‘USA!’ chants to President George W. Bush throwing the first pitch before Game 3 of the World Series, the sport became a stage on which America displayed its resilience” (MLB).
c. Baseball gave fans an opportunity to join together to overcome the adversity the country was

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