Personal Narrative: Coach Chavez

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I couldn 't endure those athletes with slogans of "challenge oneself, surpass oneself " before; considering them as insatiable rebels with over-competitiveness who create barriers for the world to achieve social tranquility. As for me myself, I thought I was a person with great wisdom and foresight back then; for I only put in the precise force that are barely enough to rub through situations without bothering too much. After all, with the strategies of leaving myself some leeway, life wouldn 't get too tiring. And this conserving life philosophy has seemingly benefited me all along, until the appearance of Coach Chavez, a rather talkative Track coach who has just recently graduated from college. With a different impression compares to the rigid ness and strictness from other coaches, I was even more certain that it 's an unexpected luck for me to join track after the first conditioning: not only because my coach 's easygoingness, but also for …show more content…

Bur what do I know? On that day, from absolute confidence to absurd despair, I stared at every other team mates, looking at how they justifiably obtained their symbols of "recognitions from the coach, and left me there hanging, empty-handed, till there 's no one else left but me and the coach …show more content…

I magically picked up my sports shoes again, finally decided to continue my run. And when I finally went back to my team with Coach Chavez, I 'm even more determined that it 's indeed an unexpected luck for me to meet such an inspiring coach who led me to the eventual realization about myself, how I was encircled and almost suffocated by my narrow ego which I looked upon as wisdom. With her, I recognized that in the running towards one 's pursuit, only with the commitment and efforts to one 's utmost, victory could be achieved. And now, as I look up to those athletes, not only that I no longer detest their opinions, I too, join their camps, looking forward to run once again to my heart 's content, with the beginning

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