Nt1310 Unit 5 Nursing Case Studies

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As of 2013, the number of people with MS was estimated to be over 2.3 million worldwide.( atlas 2013) Most of the non-traumatic disabilities in young adults are caused by MS [1]. It is considered that an interaction of genetic factors, environmental predisposition, and abnormal immune responses can be the chief causes of MS, But the exact etiology of MS is still in question [2]. MS has been greatly studied within the recent years, but a great number of clinical challenges still remain in regard to diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.[6] One of the most considered factors in MS patients is the alterations in biomarker profiles. However, in spite of the vast number of candidate molecular markers suggested, there aren’t many markers that have found …show more content…

It is also proposed that using IL-2 levels for diagnosis has greater specificity and sensitivity compared to those using oligoclonal immunoglobulins or FLCIg.( Oehninger-Gatti C,) There are reports claiming that an increase in the concentration of some oxidative stress markers can be detected in body fluids of patients with MS. At last, some studies published Within the last decade, suggest a relation between viral infections and MS, (Nahid Akhyani, )many of them suggesting Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) as a potential etiologic factor in MS (8), but still no specific viral agent has been definitively found to cause

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