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Emilie Higgins has not broken a single bone in her body. Although she has not broken a bone, she has overcome various other obstacles and is now a very optimistic and strong woman. Higgins has had an interesting childhood, a devastating college experience, and now has a little family of her own. Higgins has overcome various obstacles in her life but she continues to remain optimistic. Emilie Higgins has had a fairly normal life just like any other person. Higgins was born on August 6, 1984 in the passenger seat of her aunt Janet's car. She was born in between Mallard and Emmetsburg while trying to get to the Palo Alto County Hospital. She grew up in a couple of different houses but they were all around the same area in Mallard, Iowa. Throughout …show more content…

Higgins’s parents are Pat and Sharon Sadler of Havelock, Iowa. Pat and Sharon have always lived in Iowa and are now in their sixties. Pat works for a construction company all around Iowa and Sharon works as a pharmacist at Shopko in Emmetsburg. For the most part, Pat and Sharon are healthy but Pat has had some struggles with his legs. A few years ago, Pat was working on top of a three story building and slipped and fell over the edge. He landed on his feet but the force caused his bones to shatter so he now has metal rods holding his legs together. Higgins was born as the youngest of four including her two older brothers Chad and Adam, and her older sister Mollie. Their parents worked hard to give their kids everything they could possibly need. Now Higgins has a little family of her own which is very fortunate because her doctors did not think she would survive childbirth. Emilie Sadler married Pat Higgins on August 22, 2008 in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The wedding in Mexico was for close family only but when they got back there was a reception in Emmetsburg, Iowa for friends and family. Pat and Emilie Higgins moved to Emmetsburg in 2011 while she was pregnant with their first child. Harper Maggie Higgins was born on April 12, 2012 and is a very sassy little girl. Pat and Emilie Higgins were very grateful to have a daughter but they wanted another child. …show more content…

Multiple Sclerosis is when the immune system attacks the nervous system. Higgins has multiple lesions on her brain and spine and she relapses and remits which means she gets sick and then better but she never restores complete function of her brain and body. To her children, MS means “Many Scars” because she has scars on her brain and spine. Harper and Hudson are too little to understand Multiple Sclerosis but they understand that sometimes Higgins is sick and in pain. Higgins was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was in college around twenty two years old. She was suffering from loss of vision and horrible migraines. She had a vision test, an MRI, and then a spinal tap. The MRI showed four lesions on her brain and the spinal tap confirmed the diagnosis because her spinal serum tests differently than healthy humans. Every month Higgins has an injection of medicine that is meant to help slow down the progression of her MS. Higgins also takes steroids every time she relapses and gets sick. The steroids are meant to make her feel better and send her into remission. Every three months Higgins has checkups with her doctor in Emmetsburg, Dr. Spora. If Dr. Spora notices a new lesion on her brain or spine, she sends her to the specialist in Des Moines, Dr. Hughes. Multiple Sclerosis affects Higgins on a daily basis because sometimes she can not do the

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