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Emma Daly is an athletic, funny, and extraordinary person. She comes from a big culture, and is half Norwegian. When Emma was little she use to speak fluent Norwegian but as she grew older she lost touch with the language. In her free time, she likes to play soccer, she has been playing since she was 8, and currently plays on Eastern 's women’s team. Soccer and other sports like track and field have lead to numerous injuries including, a broken wrist, torn ligaments in her ankle, and she 's broken her nose twice. At Eastern Emma plans to major in athletic training, although this was her main reason for picking the campus, she also wanted to continue learning and growing in her religion. Emma has a passion for rock climbing and hiking when she isn 't in school or at soccer. …show more content…

She also likes to travel, she use to go to Colorado and Norway every summer. Her favorite season is winter and even though its off season for soccer Emma decided to take up the sport snowboarding. When it is snowing too much and she can’t go snowboarding Emma enjoys watching the television series The Office and the movies Forest Gump, and the Borne Legacy. If a song on the radio comes on that is country or jazz, it isn 't for Emma. She likes to listen to any new major songs that have just been released. Last year Emma attended Bangor Area High School, Bangor is also her home town, and where she grew up. In high school Emma excelled and enjoyed all math subjects, she also likes some science courses. While living in Bangor she developed a love for a new food, called Mac N’ Cheese by Kraft. When she isn’t eating man n’ cheese she likes to eat out at Moe’s or Chipotle. Through her experiences with sports in high school is has evolved her to become an extroverted person who likes to have fun and be happy. Emma is an enjoyable person to be around and through this interview I learned a lot about my teammate as a person and some characteristics about her as a

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