Rachel Carson Research Paper

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Every day we see them as they fly effortlessly above us on the tips of their feathers. We learn from them and watch them. By watching them we've learned the principals of flight for the airplanes that we use today. By watching them we learned that there was a deadly killer among us. If people had ignored the beautiful birds death happening around them we might have lost these colorful and graceful flyers and many other animals would have died or been affected by this problem. This problem was DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). The person who realized the scope of the problem with DDT and wrote about it was Rachel Carson. In Springdale, Pennsylvania, on May 27, 1907, Rachel Carson was born. Rachel who shared her mother’s love of nature. Rachel’s mom had always been in love with nature and it seemed that her daughter loved it even more. Life was tough in the Carson household because money was tight. Rachel didn't seem to care that they didn’t have a lot of the …show more content…

The Great Depression had started to take the country further downhill. Her older sister’s second marriage was ending, and her brother’s marriage was also starting to fall apart, but Rachel herself couldn't have been happier as she was finally working at a facility where men didn’t put down the woman and they worked at the same lab tables. This was extremely new because during those times women were just supposed to run the home and raise the kids. By this time the Great Depression was at its peak and the Carsons’ decided that it would be smartest to live in one home so they all moved out to the east coast. Then Rachel's dad died in July of 1935. Two years later her sister dies leaving her two kids with Rachel. Her brother Robert moved on but left his son with Rachel and her mom to raise. Soon after she couldn’t pay her college debt anymore so she gave the college their family farm in

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