Settlement House Founder And Peace Activist Jane Addams

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What It Is And What It Was Settlement house founder and peace activists Jane Addams was one of the most distinguished of the first generation of college-educated women, rejecting marriage. Instead of have a life with children and a husband she decided to devote her whole life was a commitment to helping the poor and social reform. She was inspired by english reformers who intentionally resided in lower-class slums. Jane addams and a college friend, Ellen Starr, took a tour to in London Paris. They then found a settlement house, Toynbee Hull, she fell in love with the idea. Jane and ellen then moved into a old mansion in an immigrant neighborhood of chicago. Hull house, which was remained addam;s for the rest of her life and became …show more content…

Addams having quickly found out that needs of the neighborhood couldn 't be met unless the city and state rules were reformed . addams challenge both boss rule in the immigrant neighborhood of hull house and indifferences to needs of the poor in the state legislature. While she was in london she visited the toynbee hull. Sh was inspired by this. She then created the Hull House. The Hull House was located near the west west side of Chicago, Illinois. The house was named after the first owner of the house Charles Jerald Hull. Addams and Starr took a tour in Europe in 1888. In this time they visited the toynbee hull. This house was located at the end of london. Jane Addams was born on september 6,1860 and then created the hull house when she was 29 years old when she created the Hull House. Today the Hull House is a museum. It is no longer a up and functioning settlement house. After the hull house has been used for 120 year it was eventually shut down. It is now a museum but if you were to look for it in the slums of chicago it would be almost impossible to find. It is a hidden gem of the chicago. One of the man hidden stories of america 's great

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