How Did Jane Addams A Significant Person In Progressive Reform?

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Jane Addams was a significant person in history. First, she was a big part of Progressive Reform. She created the famous, "Hull House," which was a settlement house that opened its doors to European immigrants. The Hull House was made by Jane Addams and friend, Ellen Starr. The Hull House was used to give immigrants important lessons on hygiene, English, and sanitation. One of the first things they did was set up a day care center for children. Before the Hull House, many mothers would tie their children to table legs in small, crowded, tenements while the mothers went to work. However, at the Hull House, they would be safe, watched, and fed at least one meal a day. After more immigrants started pouring in, Jane realized she could not do all of this work with just Ellen by her …show more content…

Many children and young adults in Chicago were working in unsafe factories called sweatshops. In the late 1880's, Addams launched a campaign against the sweatshops and for better working conditions. However, many people opposed Jane Addams efforts of improving sweatshops, such as; politicians, factory owners, and even some parents who relied on their children's salary for their household. A representative of the manufacturers' association also offered Hull House $50,000 in exchange of Jane Addams "dropping this nonsense about a sweat shop bill." In 1893, After Jane Addams declined the offer and stated she would rather close Hull House then ever accept a bribe, Illinois passed a workshop and factories bill, which banned the exploitation of minors in the workplace. Jane also pushed for the creation of a juvenile-court system. Because they were cold and hungry, immigrant children sometimes broke the law. However, if they broke the law, they would be put in jail with adult criminals, which was not fair, nor safe. In 1899, partly because of Addams' efforts, the Juvenile Court of Chicago was set

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