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  • Jane Addam's Contribution To The Pragmatist Movement

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    her impact was a lot larger. Jane was born in 1860 to John Huey Addams and Sarah Addams and grew up quite a reader. Unfortunately, she developed tuberculosis of the spine at four years old and was never the same again (Who is Jane Addams?) But this didn’t stop her from creating the legacy that she did. One of the most important parts of Addams’s legacy and contribution to pragmatism was the creation of Hull House. Hull House was by far what Addams is known for. When she visited Europe in the 1880s,

  • How Did Jane Addams Changed During The Progressive Era

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    "We stand here today united in a belief in beauty, genius, and courage, and that these can transform the world" Jane Addams was an incredible woman who helped make the changes in child labor laws and the rights of workers that occurred during the Progressive Era. She took action to get corporations to raise wages and improve workplace quality for poor Americans, even though she herself was rich. She fought to make America go through an evolution both mentally and physically by making people aware

  • How Did Jane Addams Influence Social Work

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    Jane Addams. Jane’s work within the world of social reform, had a great deal of lasting power. She was at the time of her death, best known for establishing the Hull house and advocating for fair treatment of immigrant communities. Her work may have started in Chicago, but reached worldwide with her reform. Jane Addams influences had a wide reach with lasting results, the greatest being the Hull house. Enjoyably keeping private and detailed notes along the way. Jane born Laura Jane Addams, September

  • Analysis Of Twenty Years At Hull House By Jane Addams

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    house on the West Side of Chicago. Jane Addams was a pioneer of social work who focused much of her efforts in working with immigrant populations and those in need, along with working to make change at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. This paper will address the ways she went about creating change, the American values that guided her social work, along with ways that the principles and values of her work are still ones used today in social work. Jane Addams and Ellen Star opened Hull house on September

  • How Did Jane Addams A Significant Person In Progressive Reform?

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    Jane Addams was a significant person in history. First, she was a big part of Progressive Reform. She created the famous, "Hull House," which was a settlement house that opened its doors to European immigrants. The Hull House was made by Jane Addams and friend, Ellen Starr. The Hull House was used to give immigrants important lessons on hygiene, English, and sanitation. One of the first things they did was set up a day care center for children. Before the Hull House, many mothers would tie their

  • Jane Addams Life And Accomplishments

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    Jane Addams is remembered for many things, some remembered them as great. Some people remember her actions as disgraceful. As Jane Addams once said, "Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics." ( 1) This statement is interpreted as her saying, "If you take the right actions, they will be the key to having an effect on the event in your favor." This quote explains that her actions seen as bad and good were meant to support her cause. Laura James Addams was born

  • Addams And Riis Analysis

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    In both Addams and Riis’s reading they each discuss poor immigrant neighborhood, were many lived in unsanitary and overcrowded homes or had exploitive and unfair working conditions. Adams and Riis both try to better this condition for those poor immigrant arrivals to the country in urban cities. Riis’s theory describes the impact of health and the development of character because of poor housing condition that affected people health and way of acting. Riis’s theory supports McCoy article on “Freddie

  • Jane Addams Life And Accomplishments

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    Jane Addams was a remarkable woman in American history. She was born in Cedarville, Illinois on September 6, 1860 and died on May 21, 1935. She is an extraordinary woman in history because she established one of the very first settlements in the United States known as the Hull House in Chicago, Illinois in 1889 and was recognized worldwide in the first part of the twentieth century for being a pioneer social worker, and internationalist, as well as a feminist. Jane’s full name is Laura Jane Addams

  • Theme Of Feminism In Antigone

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    Antigone through an Anarchist and a Feminist lens by Mansour AlSubaie Antigone the Ancient Greek tragedy by Sophocles can be interpreted through several types of critical lenses. It can be best analyzed by an Anarchist and a Feminist lens for the following reason; the act of Antigone’s standing against Creon. In addition, to the act of Polynices going against Eteocles. These parts of the story are inspired by several cultural background tradition. Including the treatment of women which was a great

  • Social And Economic Disparity In The Great Gatsby

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    Jane Addams was a civil rights activists during the first part of the twentieth century in the United States. She alongside a friend named Ellen Gates Starr opened a community home in Chicago. The mission of the Hull-House was to provide housing and job opportunities for the poor and immigrants in Chicago. We see this when Jane Addams says, “I cannot see them without a bitter unconsciousness that it was at their expense

  • The Progressive Era Dbq

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    2015: A promising year, full of opportunities, though less than 3 months away from coming to a close. Not more than 100 years ago, things were not the same as they exist now. Major problems were faced in eras such as the Progressive Era. Such problems that people faced back then were women’s suffrage, child labor, and deforestation. If I was born in the generation where I had where to choose where to place $1,000,000 to certain cause, I would give it to the three things I have stated. In today’s

  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Benjamin Franklin's Speech

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    “Words can inspire, and words can destroy. Choose yours well.” - Robin Sharma. In 1787, a convention was held to determine the efficiency of a debatable Constitution discussed by the delegates. Benjamin Franklin, having represented Pennsylvania, then presented a speech regarding his position on the topic, declaring his agreement to it in spite of his uncertainty on whether or not it will result in negative consequences in the future. His diplomatic skills were enhanced with great effort that implies

  • A Rhetorical Analysis: The Effects Of Homelessness On Society

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    Homelessness, while widely acknowledged, continues to be an ever-prevalent issue within society. This urged me to take action. In order to compromise an accurate, precise claim, I needed to heavily research and analyze the various aspects of this issue -- specifically regarding the causes of homelessness, addressing the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding it, and by finding solutions at a personal, local, and national level. Initially, I intended to include pathos as a primary theme throughout my

  • Portrayal Of Women In Guy De Maupassant

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    Hitoe Nakamura To what extent can Maupassant be seen to be misogynistic in his portrayal of women in the necklace? The French author of short stories and novels, Guy de Maupassant, wrote about many aspects of French life in the 19th century, where society was rigidly divided by people’s class and status in the social hierarchy. “The Necklace”, is heavily influenced by the two literary movements of the century, realism and naturalism. The French author was often criticized for being misogynistic

  • The Handmaids Tale Theme

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    The Handmaids Tale essay “Faith” as it read and that there would be the last offred would get to read.In the novel The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, tells the story of Offred, one of the few fertile women in Gilead who is used purely for breeding and birth for a population. In the beginning, Offred seems to be inoffensive, ordinary, and somehow makes light of her awful situation and towards the end something changes in her which makes her bitter, reserved, and rebellious. Lust for freedom leads

  • Outline On Jane Addams

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    Part One: Key Terms 1. Jane Addams: Progressives, thinking they were looking out for the immigrants “best interests”, wanted them to talk, walk, and look the way that everyone else talked, walked, and looked. Whatever the progressives thought to be appropriate. This is where Jane Addams intervened. Jane Addams was a well educated, twenty nine year old progressive herself. She started the first settlement house, it was called The Hull House. It was created in 1889 in Chicago’s west side. She realized

  • Misfit Character In The Addams And Mr. Robot

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    the audience lives in. From the 1960’s “The Addams family” to the 21st century “Mr Robot”, the misfit character has been able to influence the progression of society while adapting simultaneously. The 1960’s was the beginning of an era of individuality and expression following a decade reigned by conformity succeeding the second world war. This shift in society gave television the chance to introduce new concepts around the ‘American Dream’. The Addams Family first aired in 1964 and portrayed a new

  • The Pros And Cons Of Progressive Reform

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    industrialization created. Progressive era reformers in the late 19th to the early 20th century believed in constructing a new order to improve American welfare. During the progressive movement many progressives such as Robert F. La Follete and Jane Addams sought to generate reform for fairness and to enhance moral values. As a civic duty, progressives such as W.E.B Du Bois fought against the racial injustice in America as well as establish a new order to create a more virtuous society. As the movement

  • Jane Addams: A Progressive Hero

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    Jane Addams was born September 6, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois. She was the eighth of nine children, and her father was a rich industrialist. In her lifetime she was a pioneer and social worker in America, and received her Bachelor's degree from Rockford College for women.She was also a progressive hero because she helped the community become a better place by helping people in need. Addams enjoyed helping people, and her visit to the Toynbee Hall inspired her to create something similar to it

  • Was Jane Addams Really Establish A Settlement House?

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    plan, Jane Addams and Miss Starr went to Chicago, looking for a neighborhood to established Hull House using their own limited resources. They went out and advertised their plans to others with the goal to educate them about their reason of establishing a Settlement home. Many talked about the Settlement house, there were even a review done in the Evening Journal about it. Many people criticized the plan however some even praised the plan of the settlement house. One of Jane Addams and Miss. Starr