Jane Addams Life And Accomplishments

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Jane Addams was a remarkable woman in American history. She was born in Cedarville, Illinois on September 6, 1860 and died on May 21, 1935. She is an extraordinary woman in history because she established one of the very first settlements in the United States known as the Hull House in Chicago, Illinois in 1889 and was recognized worldwide in the first part of the twentieth century for being a pioneer social worker, and internationalist, as well as a feminist. Jane’s full name is Laura Jane Addams and she was born as the eighth sibling out of nine children. Her father was an affluent miller, businessman, and a prosperous state senator; he had several important friends. Her father, Mr. Addams, was an officer who fought in the Civil War and was food friends with President Abraham Lincoln; he would write to Mr. …show more content…

Miss Addams was given the privilege of being appointed to Chicago’s Board of Education in 1905 and thereupon was also able to grab a chairman position on the School Management Committee. Aside from her overwhelming accomplishments Jane also participated in the establishment of the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy in 1908 followed by her position as the president of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections just a year later; she was the first woman to hold this position. Due to her many successful roles throughout Chicago Jane also implemented several different types of investigations on narcotics consumption, midwifery, sanitary conditions, as well as milk supplies. Jane took her works so seriously that she even accepted an official post as a garbage inspector at the Nineteenth Ward; this job provided Jane with a salary of a thousand dollars a year. All of Jane’s accomplishments were yet again recognized when she received the very first commemorating degree by Yale University in 1910; this degree had never been awarded to a woman

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