How Did Jane Addams Influence Social Work

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One can not research social work without coming across the name Jane Addams. Jane’s work within the world of social reform, had a great deal of lasting power. She was at the time of her death, best known for establishing the Hull house and advocating for fair treatment of immigrant communities. Her work may have started in Chicago, but reached worldwide with her reform. Jane Addams influences had a wide reach with lasting results, the greatest being the Hull house. Enjoyably keeping private and detailed notes along the way. Jane born Laura Jane Addams, September the sixth 1860, in Cedarville Illinois, to Sarah and John Addams. Jane was one of nine children. John Huey Addams and Sarah Weber Addams were paramount citizens of Chicago. John had high morals and great integrity. He was a Quaker, a state senator for 16 years and a very successful mill owner, including a flour and a saw mill. He continued to acquire additional businesses, a bank, a woolen factory, and an insurance company. Not to mention he held stock in the railroad and commercial real estate. He would become one of the wealthiest, self-made men in town. John was high in society, and even close friends with Abraham Lincoln. “In a locked drawer of his desk, John kept a small packet of papers marked “Mr. Lincoln’s letters.” They all began, “My dear Double-D’ed Addams,....” (Diliberto, 34) John …show more content…

Out of all the children she was the one most like John. Jane and the other children would be cared for by Polly Beer, Sarah’s governess. The oldest of the children, Mary, would take over as a mother figure in Jane’s life. Years later, John would go on to marry another woman, Anna, also a widower. Anna was sophisticated and well read. Anna and Jane would go on to have an oil and water type of relationship. They would have pointless fights full of self-righteousness, on Anna’s part. These fights with Anna made Jane realize she didn 't want to inflict pain on

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