Betty Warren The Weakest Character In The Crucible

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Throughout the book The Crucible we see many, honest, courageous, and even weak characters who significantly change the stories direction. In this book we experience Betty Warren, the weakest character, Rev. John Hale who is the most courageous character, and of course John Proctor who is the most honest character in the story. All three of these important characters are the very roots of this book and make the story what it is.

Without a doubt the weakest character in this book would have to be Mary Warren. Mary is the Servant for John and Elizabeth Proctor. For the larger majority of the book she remains disloyal to the Proctor family and stay under the influence of the stories antagonist Abigale.. Even though she knows and willingly admits that she knows that john and Elizabeth remain innocent, she is very weak and easily manipulated. Mary folds under any pressure put towards her which according to the text leads her to disobey the orders given directly to her by john proctor and she remains under Abby's power. Even though she withheld the potential to warp the outcome of the fates of the people who fell victims to the false trials, she lied and was used to do Abigail's work. …show more content…

John is straightforward with his wife about his and Abigail's affair and is prepared to move on, little did he know that would curse him for the rest of his life. His inability to lie to his wife anymore is what sent abby's crazy love struck mind into this vortex of chaos but through whatever was thrown his way he stayed truthful and carried forward. John is even honest enough to open up in front of everyone about his affair because he believes it will save his wife. The only lie ever told by john was when he agreed that he was the “Devil's man”, but even then he couldn't let that lie be spread because of his pride in how stand up he

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