Margaret Sanger's Role In The Progressive Movement

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Margaret Sanger
Margaret Sanger lived a remarkable life devoted to reform by her slogan “Let every child be a wanted child” (Kasun, 2001). Margaret Sanger’s motivations, life preparations, and accomplishments prove her worth as a figure in the Progressive Era.
Margaret Sanger’s motivations for altruistic efforts make her an important contributor in history. For example, her strong belief that women need information on contraceptives — after being “exposed to the ignorance about birth control” — pushed Sanger to work with everything she could possibly give (Mitgang, 1992). She was focused on the difference that she could make and the lives she could change; the chance of victory kept the fire burning. She had the ability to make a change, and she was willing to …show more content…

The center for information distribution affected women’s lives for the better. Just the possibility to become educated on the subject of birth control could protect people from undesired situations, but to personally distribute the necessary contraceptives to women is a huge leap toward reform and changing public standards. Next, Margaret Sanger “Opened the Birth
Control Clinical Research Bureau in New York City,” (Commire, ed., 1994). This research was aimed at driving toward birth control breakthroughs and changing the norm for family planning.
Her establishment of the organization guided the futures of women of this time as well as their posterity. This accomplishment demonstrates her passionate nature of taking initiative and role as a leader in history. In addition, Sanger “Succeeded in revising the Comstock Act’s classification of birth control as obscenity in federal court,” in 1936 (Commire, ed., 1994). Any case in court now would favor on the woman’s side when determining the fate of her and her family. Sanger’s strong belief that birth control is a right translated into her determination to revise the court’s guidelines. Her desperate urge to change what is considered unethical is

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