Jane Addams: The Underlying Effects Of The Progressive Movement

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A husband trudges through the door after a long day at work expecting to smell the dinner his wife has prepared on the table; however, the table was suspiciously bare. At the start of the 20th century, a social and political movement thrived by improving the wellbeing of citizens and expanding economic success across the new country. Yet, the underlying effects were becoming more evident as the undertaking continued. This is the Progressive Era. Jane Addams, a pacifist during this era, fought to dispel these deceiving ideas, especially by aiding immigrants and children. Addams was also a raging feminist who insisted on strengthening and acquiring the rights that women deserved. However, her ideas were catalysts for disapproval and were challenging …show more content…

Researchers from the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum described Addams's internal plans to develop a family within the Hull House. “The residents of Hull-House, at the request of the surrounding community, began to offer practical classes that might help the new immigrants become more integrated into American society, such as English language, cooking, sewing and technical skills, and American government” (“About Jane Addams and Hull House”). Her educated background helped to form a sense of community before exposing the residents to the rapidly increasing modern world. These aspects relieved the uncertainties in the Progressive Era and Addams defended her ideas to eventually uncover the flaws of the labor industry. Even with this affirmation, critics still believe that Addams did not have the immigrants' best interests in mind. Shannon Sullivan, a professor at the University of North Carolina claims that Addams only wanted immigrants to practice American cultures and forget about their own (Sullivan). Despite Sullivan’s efforts to manipulate Addam’s ideas into assimilation, her methods were only to provide for those who didn’t understand what life they were going to proceed into. Therefore, trying to bridge the gap through education and social skills to spread justice for the immigrants and their future. Not only did Addams heed to immigrants but she also pushed for a women’s suffrage

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