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Migration DBQ The United States of America has, and will always be, a country where immigrants and refugees can migrate to, internally and internationally, to vastly improve their lives. During the late 19th century in the US, there was a massive influx of immigrants from all over the world, as well as movement of people already living in the US to different areas. These people were primarily seeking better job opportunities due to numerous economic issues in foreign countries and social tensions in the post-Reconstruction US. Therefore, the US became much more culturally diverse and areas were inhabited to form mini “hubs” for people of similar ethnicities and races to live together. Although internal migration in the US had a big impact …show more content…

Post-Reconstruction US was a very difficult time for many groups of people within the US. These people, specifically blacks, struggled to get and maintain jobs due to Jim Crow laws and severe racism and segregation. Sharecropping also limited the amount former slaves could rise on the social ladder, as it was basically a legal form of segregation. Doc. 7 shows this by proving that very little blacks were actually born in Philadelphia, a city notorious for its black population. Instead, most black adults that live in Philadelphia moved there from other places, the majority of them from the South. However, 83% of kids who lived in Philadelphia were born there. The purpose of this document is to show that blacks are moving into major cities, like Philly, to start their families in an effort to build a better life for themselves, disproving the misconception that blacks have lived in Philadelphia for a long time and were not moving throughout the US. White farmers who moved West also had a significant impact on the US due to numerous economic issues and policies. First off, the prices of …show more content…

People from all over the world came to the US for many reasons, and with them came their culture. The US is considered today as a place where, for the most part, all people and cultures are accepted. This can all be traced back to the immigrants that came to the US in the late 1800s. These people brought their customs and traditions to the US and allowed the people to really experience how other people around the world live. Foods, religions, governments, and ideals are just some of the many thing immigrants brought to the US that overall made the US a much more complex country. No other place in the world could rival the US’s diversity, leading to many greats things in the US immediately, and in the long term. For example, Doc 3 shows Chinese workers in a salmon cannery, bringing along their knowledge of fish and how to prepare it. Something as small as this proves the larger idea that foreign immigrants bring along with them their traditions that make the US a more complex and interesting place to live. Due to this new diversity, places such as the “Hull House” were created to help immigrants adapt to life in the US, as well as a place to interact with other cultures. As Hilda Statt Polacheck said, “Hull House was an oasis in a desert of disease and monotony.”(doc 6) The purpose of this document is to show how

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