The Similarities And Differences Between The United States And Colonial America

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The United States of America is the most diverse country in the world today. You can travel to the mountainy southern states, or the flat midwest, and the two places are basically completely different countries with completely different cultures. This is a direct correlation from in Colonial America how the colonies were so different even though they were all English owned. Because the English colonies were all so diverse, this led to our present day nation to be such a “melting pot.” Although England had thirteen Colonies in America, the Colonies had substantial differences between them, like how they were formed for different reasons, the basis of their economies were different, and the role religion played in each colony varied. There were a number of different purposes for the formation of the colonies, so the colonies that were resulted were not all the same. The Virginia Colony was formed to “make money from tobacco and to find gold for England” (Class 9/14). Contrastingly, Rhode Island was formed by Roger Williams to “escape the religious intolerance of the Massachusetts Bay Colony” (Cayton 47). Adversely, the Colony of Georgia was “initially made to make silk, which failed because the worms and trees did not work in tandem, so it turned into a settlement for debtors, and to buffer the valuable Carolina Colonies from …show more content…

The economy of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was built around things like, “Fishing, lumber, The Triangle Trade, run, and whaling” (Cayton 47). North Carolina’s economy was centered around “the ties they possessed with the flourishing sugar islands of the English West Indies” (Kennedy 35). The economy of New York was a combined effort of, “Wheat, milling, distilling, ship building, and trading through their major port” (Cayton 47). Because the colonies had been created for different reasons, then that led to having different

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