Who Is Jane Addams Shaped American Progressivism

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Progressivism, a broad idea of hopes to bring change in the social and political lives of Americans, arose around the year 1900. During this time, the social structure had troubles; for instance, female reformers organizations formed in hopes to protect women and children, the middle class felt threatened by businesses, and the contribution to political and economic decisions from all classes was inexistent. To counteract the conditions of nineteenth century American life, Jane Addams and other settlement house workers worked directly toward creating a more equitable social structure. Thus, they shaped American Progressivism by reconstructing the function of democracy to include disenfranchised Americans through prompting social and political …show more content…

Addams’s toured Europe and England and learned how spreading poverty was handled. When Addams’s returned, she then created the Hull House. Jane Addams took action towards fixing the social contact and divide amongst the population. The Hull House represented this new idea that encountered social welfare within a political aspect as well. In her writing, Jane Addams clearly states that her contribution to social welfare, “is an effort to add the social function to democracy” (Addams 131). With that being clear, it is understood that the Hull House was a new idea and that impelled a synthesis between ideal political and social factors together. Addams’s agreed with the idea that social classes depend upon one another. After traveling abroad and coming back to the United States, Addams’s creation of the Hull House was a completely new and original idea brought upon the whole …show more content…

These women, workers, and others related to the settlement house ideas, led the way towards the progressive idea of equality. The idea that equality is required and immigrants, poor, rich, and the rest of society should be considered equal when dealing with social, political, and economic situations. Jane Addams’s helped address the path towards Progressivism in many ways, such as her new ideas, helping and fighting for others to become equal, and educating the population. During the Progressive era, women actually became the central ideal. The leaders of the women logistics were very good at gaining support, creating a good understanding, and spreading awareness. Education was also a huge factor to deal with. Education could have been and was a leading factor in helping the overall society understand and be informed better. With education, it is necessary because educated people can help direct society in a positive manner and even help shape American Progressivism as a

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