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  • Analysis Of Twenty Years At Hull House By Jane Addams

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    Jane Addam’s book, Twenty Years at Hull House, describes the work her and her colleagues did in their Settlement house on the West Side of Chicago. Jane Addams was a pioneer of social work who focused much of her efforts in working with immigrant populations and those in need, along with working to make change at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. This paper will address the ways she went about creating change, the American values that guided her social work, along with ways that the principles

  • Jane Addam's Contribution To The Pragmatist Movement

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    contribution to pragmatism was the creation of Hull House. Hull House was by far what Addams is known for. When she visited Europe in the 1880s, she was inspired by a settlement house called Toynbee Hall. This inspired her to create Hull house along with her good friend Ellen Gates Starr in 1889. It

  • Hull House Memo

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    Welcome to the Hull House! We have just opened our services to Chicago’s West Side community. Our founders, Jane Addams and Elaine Gates Starr are working hard to provide the best for the community. Housing Conditions Currently, many of us live in tenements with multiple families living in tiny, cramped apartments together, that are in buildings that are generally five to six stories high. Such dwellings are overcrowded, thus creating

  • Jane Addams Greatest Accomplishments

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    Jane Addams is known for her Nobel Peace Prize and establishing Hull House. People don’t usually know of everything else she accomplished and worked for. She wasn't just a social worker. The residents at Hull House considered her a motherly figure and their lives were greatly influenced by her. She raised the poor and immigrants of Chicago and led them into great things. Addam’s life was dedicated to helping everyone. She was selfless and cared deeply for people's needs. Every human being mattered

  • How Did Jane Addams Changed During The Progressive Era

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    college. After graduating she traveled to England. There she saw houses in the slums that were made to help educate and enable the poor to get better jobs. She thought bringing these houses to America could help Americans evolve and gain a more progressive way of thinking. When she came home she built the Hull House. During the Progressive Era there was a large increase in uneducated immigrants coming into America. At the Hull House immigrants from all different countries could be educated. There

  • How Did Jane Addams Influence Social Work

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    the world of social reform, had a great deal of lasting power. She was at the time of her death, best known for establishing the Hull house and advocating for fair treatment of immigrant communities. Her work may have started in Chicago, but reached worldwide with her reform. Jane Addams influences had a wide reach with lasting results, the greatest being the Hull house. Enjoyably keeping private and detailed notes along the way. Jane born Laura Jane Addams, September the sixth 1860, in Cedarville

  • How Did Jane Addams A Significant Person In Progressive Reform?

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    famous, "Hull House," which was a settlement house that opened its doors to European immigrants. The Hull House was made by Jane Addams and friend, Ellen Starr. The Hull House was used to give immigrants important lessons on hygiene, English, and sanitation. One of the first things they did was set up a day care center for children. Before the Hull House, many mothers would tie their children to table legs in small, crowded, tenements while the mothers went to work. However, at the Hull House, they

  • Jane Addams: A Progressive Hero

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    people in need. Addams enjoyed helping people, and her visit to the Toynbee Hall inspired her to create something similar to it. She leased a home called the Hull House, which was in the less fortunate areas of Chicago. It housed two thousand people a week, and contained many activities. One of the classes it offered was a cooperative boarding house for girls. This helped many people have a home in the less fortunate areas of Chicago. Jane Addams also was elected to Chicago’s board of education in 1905

  • The Pros And Cons Of Progressive Reform

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    Whether its through less corporate power, Hull Houses, or racial equality, these reformers transformed American society in an influential way. Each of these people had been creating improvements because their society needed change. They had realized that every person has their own responsibility to

  • Is Jane Addams A Hero

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    went home and immediately started to work on her own settlement house for young women. Addams and her best friend, Ellen Starr, spent almost a half a year looking for the perfect place in an overcrowded Chicago City. Addams and Starr finally opened the doors to, what they called, Hull House on September 18, 1889. It was successful, so successful that by the second year, Hull House was the host to thousands of people every week. Hull House soon had 13 buildings filled with college level courses, kindergarten

  • Jane Addams: The Hull House

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    She was best known as the founder of The Hull House, a community center located in one of Chicago 's poorest neighborhoods. The Hull House opened its doors to recently arrived European immigrants. In 1912 the Hull House was completed with the addition of a summer camp, the Bowen Country Club. With its new social, educational, and artistic programs, Hull House became the standard bearer for the movement that had grown, by 1920, to almost 500 settlement houses nationally. Addams was also known to be

  • Florence Kelley: A Famous Progressive Era Social Reform

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    Florence Kelley was a famous Progressive-Era social reformer known for her protective legislation on working women and children. From a young age, she committed herself to social reform like at Hull House in Chicago and also as the first general secretary of the National Consumers League. She later helped start National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP) who policy was “to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate

  • The Devil Baby In The Hull House

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    history of the Hull House as well. The Devil Baby was a baby that was said to have lived in the Hull House in Chicago. People say that they see the Devil Baby in the window of the Hull House. People say he still lives in the Hull House. They say he has pointed ears, hooves and claws. Others say that he doesn’t exist at all. There are plenty of different stories about the Devil Baby, but there are two that seem right. Here are the two different stories about the Devil Baby in Hull House. There are different

  • Theme Of Feminism In Antigone

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    Antigone through an Anarchist and a Feminist lens by Mansour AlSubaie Antigone the Ancient Greek tragedy by Sophocles can be interpreted through several types of critical lenses. It can be best analyzed by an Anarchist and a Feminist lens for the following reason; the act of Antigone’s standing against Creon. In addition, to the act of Polynices going against Eteocles. These parts of the story are inspired by several cultural background tradition. Including the treatment of women which was a great

  • The Hull House Of Jane Addams Analysis

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    The article “The Hull House of Jane Addams” provides an insightful view of the social equality Jane Addams and so many others fought to achieve. Jane Addams established multiple centers and worked diligently to create new laws which protect women and children from cruel working environments in addition to creating fair social and industrial conditions for them. Miss Addams was a very observant woman who noticed the harsh realities of urban living among the lower class families. As a result, she became

  • Analysis Of Jane Addams 'Hull House'

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    Dalene Mathieu Hull House Exercise SOWK 2090 Chapter 1 (12 points) • Before she was seven years old, Jane Addams recognized that not everyone lives a privileged life as she does. Jane Addams and her father were walking down on the streets near her father’s Mill. The mill was at the poorest neighborhood in the town, Jane Addams saw that the houses were very close together and that they were small houses. Jane Addams father had to explained to her of why some people live in small houses that are close

  • Coaching And Self-Determination Theory Analysis

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    In the realm of sports psychology, there are two main theories of how coaching influences motivation, the Behavioral Approach to Coaching (BAC) and the Self-Determination Theory (SDT). Both theories work in different ways in order to increase motivation and produce desired behaviors from athletes. The Behavioral Approach to Coaching utilizes operant conditioning to shape desired behaviors. Operant conditioning concerns the relationship between three events, called contingencies. Operant conditioning

  • A Certain Lady Dorothy Parker Analysis

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    The poem “A Certain Lady” by Dorothy Parker, is an unrequited love declaration presented in first person by the speaker to a love interest, whom remains oblivious to the feelings expressed by the speaker. The writer, Dorothy Parker, best known her piercing wit and wordplay was a celebrated writer and critic during the prime of the roaring 20’s and 30’s. A biography on her life and people she worked with while she wrote gives insight to a story about a woman who was lonely, sad, and unlucky in love

  • Beauty In Basil Hallward's The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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    Thousands upon thousands of definitions exist for the concept of beauty. Beauty is the materialization of the good in life that we react to with love and compassion; beauty is the idea of certain objective features of the world that generates an elated sentiment. There is no one definition of beauty. Beauty can be both happy and sad, and it can also be ugly – it all depends on who’s judging. The subject matter does not determine anything. It is the percipient that determines all. In the case of the

  • Case Study: Habitat For Humanity

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    Habitat For Humanity We were asked to "Research an International Non-Governmental Organization” that works on behalf of human rights issues. So I chose Habitat for Humanity they have been working around the globe to provide housing, stability and community development because they view those needs as human rights. The mission of this organization from their website states: "At Habitat for Humanity, we build. We build because we believe that everyone, everywhere, should have a healthy, affordable