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Nancy Hiles: wife, entrepreneur and philanthropist
One of the founders of Western Rim properties, Nancy Hiles is not only a humble and modest person, she is also an inspiration for masses for her philanthropic endeavors. In the year 2004, Nancy Hiles and her husband Marcus Hiles have established a setup that offers luxurious homes at the affordable prices to people of Texas. This real estate business grew into a support system for various charitable causes over a period of time with the help of the couple. Nancy Hiles has contributed significantly for the development of the community by building schools and universities all over Texas. She has donated to both profit and non-profit organizations as well as to charitable trusts. The couple has not spared any expense in supporting women and children shelters, Nancy Hiles specifically has always stood for women empowerment. The role of Nancy Hiles in supporting local Texas Universities and schools: the amenities provided in local schools have also been leveled up by Western Rim Properties where the students were given tutors and better-equipped computer labs. A large number of teenagers have enlisted into school following their generous donations. Plenty has been done on the university front where support was provided as college funds to further their education. The scholarship was given based on the …show more content…

The couple has maintained the balance between successfully establishing a business enterprise and also helping in the sustainability of the fellow citizens. Her strong belief in being kind to others and giving back to the community has followed her into the limelight which is why despite having more than 7000 properties on their names, Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles appeal to the public. The couple is planning on expanding their business to other parts of America with the goal of offering more help to the

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