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Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi, who was known as Nancy D’Alessandro in her early years, was born in Baltimore, Maryland on March 26, 1940. Pelosi grew up in a family who was very involved with politics as her father was a Congressman and the mayor of Baltimore for a decade. As Pelosi got older, she attended and graduated from Trinity College which was located in Washington D.C. During her years of college, Pelosi’s life changed as she met the love of her life, Paul Pelosi. Like many other couples, these two got married and decided to extend their family with five children. Due to her family priorities, Pelosi put politics behind her for a while, but then got herself back involved after a few years.
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Having grown up in Los Angeles, Sally Ride studied English and physics at Stanford University. Ride was very engaged in her studies as she earned bachelor’s degrees in both English and physics. However, even after receiving two bachelor’s degrees, she was still not content and satisfied. Ride wanted to further improve her knowledge and studies so she continued to study at Stanford University in order for her to receive a master’s degree.
After Ride was finally done with her education, she was selected to be in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s astronaut program which is also known as NASA. Ride took on the challenge and studied more about space. During her time at NASA, Ride had to go through a lot of training and preparing for her to go to space. Ride made history when she became the first women to go to space on June 18. After completing her assigned mission in space, Ride finally returned back to early after a period of six days. Ride was initially supposed to go on another mission in space but it did not happen after the Challenger accident. After the Challenger accident occurred, Ride was assigned another mission and instead of going to space this time, she was asked to investigate the accident. After leaving NASA, Ride got into teaching and educating others, as she became the director of the California Space Institute at the UCSD along with the title of a physics

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