A Piece Of Cake Analysis

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I read A Piece of Cake: A Memoir. It was written by Cupcake Brown. This book was very inspiring and emotional. The story begins with a memory as to why her mother named her Cupcake. Cupcake 's mother died when she was 11.After that she got taken away from the family she knew. Cupcake found out that the man she has been calling daddy, wasn’t really her father. After a custody battle, the court gave her biological father full custody of her and her brother. But her biological father only wanted custody so that he could receive social security checks. He didn’t want them so we placed them in an abusive stranger 's foster home, along with several other children. Their foster mother, Diane, forced them to clean her entire house every day and …show more content…

At her nest foster home her foster father,used her for oral sex in trade for LSD and cocaine.After this incident she moved in with her great aunt in Los Angeles. During her stay she joined a gang at the age of 12. She almost died when he was shot in the back at the age of 16. After that she made the decision to leave the gang. Later that same year, she left the foster care system and got legally emancipated. She meet her boyfriend can he taught her how to freebase, which is when you inhale drugs when a spoon and a flame. He also introduced her to crack. Soon, she was a "trash-can junkie," enjoying as many drugs as she could find. When she woke up behind a dumpster one morning, barely dressed and near death, she admitted that she needed help. With the help of her boss she attended an addiction clinic, where she embarks upon her road to recovery, which was successful. She became sober and stayed with the help of a sponsor named Val. At the age of 27, she went the a community college, even though she never finished high school. It took her five and a half years to complete a two year program. During this time she was working a full-time job. The she continued for two years to get her BA. After this she decided she wanted to go the law school. She got accepted to the University of San Francisco. She became a lawyer in San Francisco, Los

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