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Karta is a 12 year old African American girl, who has experienced a long history of trauma. She was referred to me by her school social worker Ms. Johnson who reports that she has academic problems, severe inattention, hyperactivity, physical violent tantrums and is disrespectful to her peers and teachers. Karta was raised in a single parent household during the first few years of her life. Karta’s father died in a car accident before she was born so she never got a chance to meet him. Karta’s mother Michelle became depressed and turned to alcohol to cope with her pain. Michelle was devastated and was unable to sustain employment. As a result of the loss she experienced she began to neglect Karta. Michelle and Karta have no relationship with her Karta’s father’s side of the family. Karta’s mother became unemployed and relied on public assistance to take care of her and Karta. Karta is the only child however; her mother is currently 3 months pregnant by her husband Kevin. …show more content…

Karta’s daycare called DCPS on Karta’s mother Michelle. The daycare reported that Karta looks disheveled when she comes to school and her eating habits had increased as if she wasn’t eating enough at home. DCPS conducted an investigation and removed Karta her from the mother’s custody for neglect and parental substance abuse. Michelle substance of choice was alcohol. DCPS tried to find out if Karta had any relatives to stay with, but her mother was not cooperative with providing the information. So Karta was placed in foster care until her mother completed all requirements to regain

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