ABLLS-R: Assessment Summary

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Assessment Summary

Student: KFI
Date: October 14, 2015
Assessor: Suhail Aponte

Background Info

KFI is a fifteen years old female residing with her biological mother in ¬¬¬-_______________, CT. KFI has been diagnosed with several mental health problems at an early age. Parent reported that several neuropsychological testing was completed at approximately age 8. Results of the neuropsychological testing indicated the severity of KFI’s Axis I diagnoses. Further testing indicated that KFI suffers from hallucination caused by an imbalance in her brain and excessive serotonin.

KFI is a student at CCMC School, a private special education facility since January 2010. Her current program includes individual counseling, one hour per …show more content…

KFI suffers from fatigue due to broken sleep that results in her having a poor attention span.

The ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills) was completed with KFI during July, 1-September 30, 2015 through our therapist’s session. . The ABLLS is an assessment tool that assists the instructor to direct instruction to improve skills. ABLLS is a very comprehensive tool that reviews 25 skills areas.

ABLLS uses a rubric like system to assess KFI’s skills level through out various assessments. Specifically, the ABLLS concentrates in the following areas: cooperation, visual performance, receptive language, motor limitation, vocal grammar, play and leisure and many …show more content…

respecting people personal space)

Group Instruction

KFI’s instructions were given in a 1:1 format. KFI was able to sustain attention on tasks that she was familiar too and had minimal steps. The assessment was only conducted with KFI and other adults in the room, KFI has minimal group activities and the assessor was not able to assess group instruction. She was able to demonstrate all skill sets.

Follow Classroom Routines

There are about 8 students in KFI’s classroom. Ideally instruction is delivered in this small group and a specific format is followed. KFI is able to maintain attention to familiar task but has difficulties maintaining her focus on new task.

Area of Need
• KFI needs to improve on attending to new verbal direction when presented to her class
Generalized Responding
KFI used language skills learned in her 1:1 sessions and generalizes them through out several settings. KFI is able to use her language skills throughout group settings and different classroom settings. She is also able to use her skills in the community. She was able to complete each skill set.

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