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The Story of Maci Kean When you think of people in a kid’s life, you probably imagine two parents, siblings, friends, and teachers. What you don’t typically think is a social worker, a judge, foster homes and a dead mother and father. This became the case for the then 15-year Maci Kean, as well as over 100,000 kids in the United States. When Maci was just a toddler, she became deaf due to a high fever and her father passed away when she was just two due to drug abuse. When she was around the age of 13 her mother passed away as well due to a drug overdose after getting out of jail. Maci was forced back into her aunt’s house where she then started to act out violently. Her aunt had had enough and sent Maci into foster care (Babakhan). She was first put into a group home where she got food, water, and shelter, but no love. That’s when her current mother Gigi stepped in, "Even though she had safety and medical care, she didn't have love. If these children don't learn to function in a family with love, they will be forever impacted," she said to Readers Digest. Her adopted father agreed and wanted to help as well. Maci was about to age out of …show more content…

The DTF helps thousands of children in foster care find forever and loving families. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption was started by Dave Thomas, who is also the founder of Wendy’s and Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. It all started in 1992 when George H.W. Bush invited him to speak about adoption at a conference. Two years later, he started it because he wanted to help every child in foster care find a permanent and loving home. It was originally established in the United States, but now reaches into Canada as well. Dave already owned the major fast food business Wendy’s, so the news of it forming spread very fast (David

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