Foster Care System Analysis

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The foster care systems has and will always be a part of society. The idea of a foster care system has always been around, even if it was not properly attained in the past. There has also been other methods to try to find placement for children with no or bad homes, for example the orphanage train, living with widows or living house to house in a community. Now in today’s time, we have an organized system of foster care with two different types of homes for children. For example we have group homes, which is a care facility that houses six or more children at a time. There is kinship care, which full time care of child by a relative or an adult that has a bond with the child (Reuters, 2015). Now that the foster care system has firmly been …show more content…

For instance emotional disturbance, specific learning disabilities and autism (Hill, 2009). When a social worker takes a child into custody that child has just became a child of the state or some would say basically their child and responsibility. That leaves the social worker taking that child to doctor appointments and make sure the child is in a foster home that is taking care of the child’s need. The funding for this policy comes from the federal government, state systems, and local systems (A legacy training module from NICHCY, 2014). Most children that are in the system are supplied with Medicaid, and sometimes receives a check from the government if they are physically disabled or …show more content…

The eligibility requirements is something I would change about this policy because I believe that if a child is taken from any neglectful situation or home, that child should be tested for disabilities or counseling to see if that child might need further help. Furthermore, they should a smooth transition period or someone to help the kids in foster care with a plan for when they leave the home. Also the policy should have the same eligibility requirements in each state because. When the eligibility is different in each state it is only effecting the quality of care to the children in the foster care system. This policy has been around for many years and I personally cannot say I see a big change in the results of the foster care system, so no this policy has not been implanted effectively. I believe the policy is a great idea and could have been a very successful policy if they had not left the eligibility requirements decision to the

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