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It’s insane how many foster parents in the US take in foster kids for the wrong reasons. The wrong doings from the foster parents harm the kids emotionally and mentally. This has been happening for a such a long time that it’s not a surprise to hear about this on the news. There’s is a process where they run the foster parent’s background and there’s a social worker who stops by the house but, it’s not enough to ensure the true intentions of the foster parents. It’s hard on the kids to seek help. No one is doing anything for these poor kids, many of them prefer to be either homeless or even dead. This is no joke therefore, why not have an annual competition?
The only way to solve the problem with the Foster Care system would be to have some sort of …show more content…

They will never be abused or mistreated again living in a home where winning is literally everything. This will insure that the homes are also well equipped to house and prepare these kids for what they will endure. The second advantage to this solution is that it will put the foster parents in a place to make sure these kids are well treated and ready to participate in the games. They will be forced to not throw them aside, but to put time into raising them. The third advantage to this solution is that it will show these kids what a true house should look like. It give these kids a chance to be in a real household.
You see with our solution our whole community benefits. Why not have a solution that will bring money and entertainment to our society. Not only would it do that but most of all give foster children that feeling of someone important in life. They can finally feel like they were born to be someone. Someone who fights and kills of course, but that still has it’s meanings. The only downside about this is that we. It will bring money to our government, give bride to the foster kids, and give excitement to the

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