Pros And Cons Of The Downfalls Of Foster Care

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Foster Care System Downfalls: The foster care system is setup to provide needs and protect children who have been neglected or abused. The main goal of the system is to take the children out of dangerous homes, and relocate them to a safe home, and to hopefully reunite the children with their biological families. While they are in foster care, their life should be greatly improved. Help should be given to those who are struggling with mental and emotional disabilities. Life skills should be taught to the children in preparation for the future. Foster care is meant to normalize the child’s life as much as possible and give help where it is needed. Although the intent of the foster care system is protecting neglected children, it may be causing …show more content…

They often act in a indiscriminate fashion toward adult. Many exhibit extreme behavior problems, such as hiding or hoarding food, excessive eating or drinking, rumination, self-stimulating and repetitive behaviors, and sleep disturbance. Despite excessive appetites, these children may fail to gain weight or grow normally while in placement. Unfortunately, these children frequently experience a succession of foster homes because their extreme behaviors and lack of emotional reciprocity challenge abilities of foster parents. (Simms, et al). Once the foster parents feel that they can not control the child's emotional outbursts, or misbehaving, they become disconnected. “Other child welfare authors have documented the intrapsychic conflict that many foster care children experience as a result of traumatic separation from biological parents. This conflict is often manifest by expressed or observed feeling of guilt, rejection, abandonment and shame” (Gonzales). The foster parents begin to feel helpless, which can lead them to stop caring for the child, causing more emotional detachment for the

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