Why Is Foster Care Bad

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Foster Care is a system where they take kids away from a family due to situations in the home that may harm the child. However, Foster Care could be the only salvation to a bad situation. Many believe that the absolute goal for the foster system is to get the family reunited, but that outcome is rarely achieved. Foster Care can mean different things to different people. Some argue that the Foster Care system is ineffective and causes more harm than good. Children are traumatized from being moved home to home and never feel a sense of belonging. Being in the system can cause emotional, social, and life skill problems that can affect a child future.
Many studies have shown that kids who are in Foster Care develop emotional, social and life skill problems that will affect them long-term, that will cause problems in their future as an adult. Some may often not be able to learn the basic life skills that will help them as a functional citizen in society. Many cannot maintain personal relationships with other people because they don’t have trust for anyone.
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Attachment issues can cause physical problems, such as failure to thrive, as well as emotional disorders like depression, failure to form attachments to caregivers, or mental-health disturbances. The more times a child is moved, the less likely he is to form secure attachments. Between 33 and 66 percent of foster-care arrangements are disrupted during the first two years, reports developmental psychologist, Brenda Jones Harden in "Safety and Stability for Foster Children," an article published in the winter 2004 issue of the journal The Future of Children. Kids with attachment issues might be distrustful and suspicious, unable to follow rules, or appear to have no sense of guilt over their behavior. Some attach too easily to any adult that try tries to care for them, but on a shallow level and to meet their basic

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