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Today we are going to be talking about the Youth Criminal Justice Act aka (YCJA) and all of its pros and cons. In social we are deciding about the YCJA and if it is fair and equitable. Pros of the YCJA are that it brings a line to the criminal justice system and it helps youth not get a criminal record. Cons of the YCJA is that it's ineffective and doesn't really stop youth from committing the crime and it makes youth think that they have a free pass or a slap on the wrist. What I think about the YCJA, that it’s a waste of money on taxpayers, government and that it is ineffective because youth still commit the same crimes over and over again.

The reason I think the YCJA is practically useless is that it has more cons than pros and if something …show more content…

Others would say that they think it keeps young offenders from committing crime twice, that it will teach youth how to receive punishment, some would say it keeps crime out of the system etc. The reason why they are wrong because they haven't looked at the facts, they just looked at good experiences with YCJA foundation. An example I have a friend and my friend stole a car from a person in a community and crashed my friend had to pay for the damaged property, for the car and had to apologize to the people my friend stole the car from, after the whole process my friend did the same thing over repeatedly, what's the point? Well, all I think is that the YCJA is a waste of time but you don't have to because there are good things about it too it helps kids stay off the street and in homes even if its a group home. In my opinion, a group home, foster care anything like that is traumatizing toward kids in the program. I know that because of experience. I hated foster care because it separated me from my family including my sisters. I really loved them but presently I don't care about them because I basically don’t know them anymore. That's what happens when you separate a family they end up not even knowing the person anymore they can end up to be a completely different

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