Persuasive Speech: Foster Care

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6 years ago my cousin, Payton, came to stay with us. At the time we didn 't think anything would be permanent. Now, six long years later, I couldn 't imagine what my life would be like without my brother. Sometimes, parents are unwilling, unable, or unfit to care for their children. They often make poor choices that lead to their children going into foster care. Foster care is the temporary placement of a child in a new home. Today, I will be explaining what foster care is, the effects of foster care, and the process of adoption after a while of care. On any given day, there are about 482,000 children in the foster care system. My hope for the future is that people can learn more about foster care and realize how big of a problem this actually is. Being involved with the whole system changed how I thought about it and I now realize just how important the matter is. When I say I am involved in the foster care system, I am meaning that one of my closest family members was in …show more content…

Like I said before, foster care is the temporary placement of a child in a new home. To be a foster parent, you have to go through a lot of training. If you are ten years or older, you have to get a background check. They do this so they can figure out what kind of person you have been and if you are fit to be a foster parent. In your background check, you should include a criminal history search, information contained by a health care provider, information about your credentials, information maintained showing that you have never neglected or abused a child, information regarding any denial to the person of a license, and information to see if the person is guilty of committing a sex offense or serious crime. In the foster care system, they are VERY picky. There are 22 grounds for disqualification that can 't happen in a matter of five year prior to applying for a foster child. Although it is a long and exhausting process, it is all worth it when you know that your foster child is in a safe

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