The Pros And Cons Of The Foster Care System

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To be loved, to be praised, to be cherished; three things that every child in the world wishes for. It is a parent 's job to grant their children with these needs. However, some children are not as lucky as others and are not blessed with the caring parents that they deserve. Luckily, the foster care system is there to help. The foster care system helps provide safety and care for children whose families are unable to do so. There has always been a way for children to be cared for in the United States. In the early 1800s orphan asylums was the most popular way for homeless children to be taken care of. Then institutional care came around, where children were taught to grow up as quickly as possible. Placing-out was then created in the 1850s to use instead of the institutions. This form of foster care sent children to the western states to live in rural homes. Soon after boarding out became favored over placing-out. This was where private agencies started making payments to families to foster the kids nearby. “Over the course of the twentieth century, boarding out developed into the modem family foster care system”(Hasci 162). This made it so special needs children or children who were difficult to live with had a chance. Orphan …show more content…

Child placement was very similar to placing-out but also different. Prior to the late 1800s children were taught to grow up as quickly as possible. However, in the late 1800s they were nurtured by adults and encouraged to not grow up as quickly. Child placement made it to where the kids were only placed as far out as a days worth of travel. Organizations also paid families to take and care for the kids. They paid the families that took the children so they could assume the kids would be taken for love not to be used for labor. Children were placed if their families had been unemployed for a long period of time, very ill or

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