Cause And Effect Essay On Foster Child Abuse

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Some foster children are taken away from their biological parents due to the parent abilities to not take care of the children. When this happens the foster children may feel like this is his or her fault, or they may feel like their heart is being rip away from their chest which is the worst feeling in the world.
In some cases the emotional abused goes away as the child get old but in other cases the abused gets worst. The emotional abuse can get worst when the child goes to school and their peers make fun of him or her because they is in the foster system, or because they do not wear the latest clothing, or because they does not look like the rest of their family. The child witness different types of emotional abuse such as rejection, abandonment, and terrorism which can cause the foster child to have major depression problems. This can lead to a child trying to commit suicide or actually killing him or herself. …show more content…

Like previously stated, some foster parents are becoming foster parents for the right reason, while others are just doing it for a quick check. The foster parents who are doing it for easy money usually do not care about the children or their well-being. Some foster parents are rude and disrespectful especially to the children who are living in their house. Some terrible foster parents call the child names such as worthless, hoes, stupid, useless, and many others. While the foster child already feels abandoned by their own parents and they do not need someone reminding them of the horrible past that they went through. This may lead the child to run away, act out in horrible violence, or do something terrible like commit suicide. Many foster children that enter the system comes in with a lot of problems but with the help of the proper foster parent and some counseling then they can overcome those emotional abuse and depression

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