How Can Foster Care Be Changed

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I believe the foster care system should be changed for the better of the foster child. The system as many foster kids will say is messed up, and in fact I totally agree. The child feels that if he/she spoke up about what was going on in their “home” whether it 's abuse or other reasons they will be located right back into another home where this can just possibly happen again. The last thing any of these children is abuse and more relocation. Most of these kids just strive to be happy and in a forever home that they want to live in. Obviously, the child could have possibly already came from scary, abusive, or just a bad situation, they don’t want to go right back to this environment. After reading a few foster care stories, this one story about this one boy stood out to me. The website “” had this boy’s …show more content…

But unfortunately for some kids this isn’t very true. For this child his story proves a lot. At “” a teen spoke out about him story, “My aunts and uncle would hit me when they were mad. But I was scared of them so I acted like a wuss. When my grandmother called me, I’d say, ‘Yes ma’am.’ I wanted to say, ‘Why do you hit me? Am I really a bad child? Why do you treat me like I’m not part of your family?’” As I’m reading his story he has a very remarkable story in my opinion, and he’s a perfect reason we need to change this system. He wanted to tell the cops or his social worker but he was afraid to because he would be hit by his foster grandma. For some children this may not even work but it is definitely worth a shot to help these kids like Deshon. I believe we need to help these kids not be afraid of their foster parent(s). Truthfully, if we give those kids the ability to speak up and get help, These foster parent(s) that they are being abused whether it be mental or physical. I want to help these kids so they don’t have control them

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