Marketing Plan For The Foster Care Community In Alpena County

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FosterFriends Marketing Plan Alison Hosinski BUS-128 Small Business Management Matthew G. Bedard 2/22/23 FosterFriends Marketing Plan FosterFriends plans to create, develop, and deliver a product and service that satisfies the target market. A community, resources, and a feeling of safety will be created and developed for those in the foster care community in Alpena County. Working with competitors will benefit the consumers by giving them the greatest number of benefits possible. These benefits will be distributed through a mobile application and physical location and advertised highly through social media. This single market segment will be delivered the services and products the FosterFriends will offer. Market Analysis Target …show more content…

Michigan population is 10,077,331 people (Population of Counties in Michigan 2023). This can be further reduced to the number of foster care recipients in Michigan, 10,107, and the number of people in Alpena County, 28,700 (Reports & Statistics - Health Services 2023). These numbers can be used to estimate the number of foster youths in Alpena County at 30 people. This makes foster parents roughly 60 people with added people in the community from siblings. Both demographic and benefit variables can be used to determine this market. The populations of the state and county are used to downsize the market. Being in foster care or in the foster care community is what makes the unmet need that FosterFriends plans to …show more content…

Awareness over many topics and having this plan allows for a more seamless transition from planning to implementation. These products and services offered will bring the goal of satisfaction to the target market of foster youth and parents. Advertising will increase awareness of the business and create more sales in the future. FosterFriends is a growing business and will continue to grow as an organization. This growth will require this plan to develop with the company in the future with the fast paced changes in the world. FosterFriends will serve its consumers using these plans with the awareness needed to adapt with the

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