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Gustavsson discuss the cause and effects of permanency placement for children and youth could lead to instability in the foster homes. The article has shown that “youth who exit care to a legal permanent relationship do better than those who emancipate” (Stott and Gustavsson, 2009, p. 623). In the emancipation stage (aging out) Arizona foster care system lead to risk factors. Not gaining legal placement jeopardized how a child interaction in a relationship setting towards authoritative figures just show a lack of trust the child had due to the child’s situation. Understanding that Arizona success of placement was guaranteed but it brought forth the question of instability of the permanency planning and how it resulted instability of the youth …show more content…

The foster care system has decreased entry of children and increased the permanent placement of the child in a long term foster home. Research by Davis and O’Brien, (2012, p1918) supports that strategies used in the permanency planning lead to a high success rate of legal permanency for the child in care. That child who is placed in a legal permanency has a better chance in becoming an active member of society. From 2011-2012, which a year later showed entry of children being placed in foster care showed a slight increase, in foster care, but the outcome of legal permanency was still at a higher rate. Another factor that Davis and O’Brien (2013, p 2130) found was that age was a key factor in legal permanency placement. However, younger children were more likely to get placement than older children in the state of Georgia. The state of Georgia for that placement instability within the setting of age because it presented an understanding that during the first five years of a child life is when the child shows emotional development and every year after that it gets harder to adapt to a new environment and retain new relationships. Davis and O’Brien permanency plan roundtable study lasted over the two year span understood barriers but also try to increase stability among the state and how permanency planning meeting led to permanent

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