Analysis Of Raised From Scratch By Cris Bream

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Foster Youth books often expand on the complexity of psychosocial transformations and trials and tribulations children face in the process of being placed in foster care system, but authors do not incorporate testimonials from the youth. An example of such book is called To the End of June, in which the Cris Bream sheds light on the foster care policies and the meaning of family without expanding on the life history of foster children. In order to be able to understand one of the most vulnerable members within society, foster youth, it is important to have contextual evidence, such as personal testimonies from the youth. Yes, it is significant to understand the statistics and policies that play a role in the foster youth community, but it is vital for stories to be shared in order to humanize the group.…show more content…
Raised From Scratch is an autobiography written by 19 year-old Demontae Thompson, an emancipated foster youth student from California State University of Northridge that was later placed in his uncle’s foster family home. Born and raised in Compton, California with his twin brother, his autobiography encompasses personal life lessons with the use of poems and self-reflections. He did not remain in the foster care system for an extensive period due to his uncle taking him in, but it still did not inhibit him from experiencing the negative psychosocial transformations that other foster children face in the process of being placed in foster homes and being raised by someone that is not their biological
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