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They Cage the Animals at Night is a book written by Jennings Michael Burch in 1985.The book was based on true events that occurred in his life during the late 1940’s and early1950’s. Burch described the hardship of his life from staying at foster institutions and foster homes. They Cage the Animals at Night was not only a depiction of Jennings Burch’s life, but it also showed the way children had to face physical and emotional abuse in the foster care system. A large portion of the book revealed and described the rigorousness that Jennings faced alone. His experience of emotional and physical abuse exposed how children were treated like prisoners. This book raised awareness to authorities on the kind of treatment happening and proposed a change for foster institutions and homes to be monitored.
The story began by Ms. Rita, Jennings’s mom, walking Jennings to an orphanage called Home of the Angels. My initial reactions after reading the first chapter was how a mother could just leave her kid with anybody. The book immediately gained my …show more content…

I'm sure if Ms. Rita knew what happened behind the doors of Home of the Angels then things would have gone differently. If I was Ms. Rita and unable to care for my child, the first form of help I would consider is my church. In the book, it did not mention the family having a church home or people who they could go to in their time of need. Ms. Rita did what she thought was right at the time and that was leaving him there. Maybe she had no one else that could care for Jennings. Maybe it was her only option. Whatever the case was, I know that in my heart Ms. Rita would not have left him there to get mistreated. I think Jennings's placement could have been less traumatic if Ms. Rita sat with him and explain where he was going and what to expect .This way Jennings would have been less

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