Minors In Foster Care Essay

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Minors in care show certain themes that can damage their reputation in adulthood. Acknowledged by Ainsworth and Hansen, movement of homes while being in care puts children at risk to someday be placed as a juvenile offender, become a parent at a young age, and to endure poor educational achievement. Thirty-eight percent of males and thirty-nine percent of females in detention have a history of being in foster care services (89). Ainsworth and Hansen also report that there are a number of fosters who are under seventeen years old and are pregnant or getting someone else pregnant (89). Allen S. Barton and James S Vacca, authors of ¨Bring Back Orphanages- An Alternative to Foster Care¨ state, because of foster care relocation, children are left with educational problems and needs (6). Educationally, children may receive low grades due to poor understanding because of how often they move from foster home to foster home. Children are not just having difficulties in …show more content…

According to M. V. Chapman, author of ¨Attitudes Toward Out-of-Home Care Over 18 Months: Changing Perceptions of Youths in Foster Care¨, one-fifth of children in these programs become homeless at least once in their adulthood (3). When children age out at eighteen, these young adults have nearly no support, nobody to turn to, nowhere to go, often leaving them homeless and alone. This statistic shows that young adults are often left without a home they can call their own because foster care programs´ rules and regulations. Frank Ainsworth and Patricia Hanson claim that during the placement precess, one in every five children moved six to ten times and every one in seven were relocated more than ten times during their stay in care (88). They also acknowledge that children who move twenty times or more while being in care is far too common (90). Within each move comes a challenging, new lifestyle that puts each child's present and future at

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