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Flannery O 'Connor was born in Savannah Georgia on March 25, 1925, as an only child. Her mother had to assume most of the responsibility of raising Flannery because her father died of lupus when she was fifteen. Flannery attended the Georgia State College for Women, and then went to the State University in Iowa where she received her master in Fine Arts (Gooch). Flannery’s life was very short, died at the age of 39, as she struggled with lupus, the same incurable disease that claimed the life of her father. O’Conner family was devoutly Catholic, which would influence her work and her outlook in life a great deal. Moreover, her place of upbringing would also play a major role on her work. Growing in the heart of South, she lived the heinous face of racism. She saw how people, blinded by hate and bigotry can commit grotesque acts of violence. A great majority of O 'Connor 's work deals with Catholic traditions and how they influence the lives of everyday people. Her best stories focus on the decline of those traditions in the South and the tragic end of the subjects of her stories. Her work resembles the work of other …show more content…

One of O’Conner acclaimed work is “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” A family plans a vacation to Florida, but the Grandmother suggests to go to Tennessee, the place she grew up, instead because a serial killer, The Misfit, is in the loose headed to Florida. The family dismisses the Grandmother attempt and embark on a trip to Florida. The Grandmother, using her cunning ability, convinces the family to take a detour to visit an old house "with treasure". The family listens and heads toward the old house. The grandmother realizes the house is not where they are headed and startles Bailey which leads to a car accident. The car ends up in a ditch. A car approaches the family, and the Grandmother recognizes The Misfit as one of the occupants. She tries to kiss up to him and reason with the Misfit but only enrages him. The Misfit ends up killing the entire

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