How Did Sandra Day O Connor Impact Society

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A young girl went with her father to visit a neighbor family. When they arrived, the girl saw that her neighbor had been beating his wife and child. There was nothing the girl could do for her neighbors, but she was filled with a strong desire for justice. This desire would lead the young girl to become one of the most prominent figures on the United States Supreme Court. Sandra Day O’Connor impacted society by occupying a position as the first woman on Supreme Court, voting against discrimination of gender or race, and abiding by the Constitution in every issue. O’Connor’s early life shaped her life as a judge. She was born March 26, 1930, on Lazy B Ranch in Arizona (McFeatters 22). O’Connor’s experiences on the ranch developed her belief in hard work (“O’Connor, Sandra Day”). When she was a young girl, O’Connor saw the effects of her neighbor beating his family, was mad that she could do nothing about it, and afterwards, she wanted justice more than anything (McFeatters 34). O’Connor was very smart, and was sent to El Paso, Texas every year to go to school (McFeatters 32). Later O’Connor went to Stanford University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree, but it was hard to find a law job for a woman (“Sandra Day O’Connor”). O’Connor’s early …show more content…

O’Connor voted against discrimination and followed the Constitution very closely. She was recognized as one who gave more opportunities to women. One source puts it well: “Although her decisions have not always been popular with women's rights activists, O'Connor still is considered to be a role model for women” (“O’Connor, Sandra Day”). As a result of all her work, O’Connor is remembered and loved by many as the first woman on Supreme Court. Without the work of Sandra Day O’Connor, it is probable that women would not have the same opportunities on Supreme Court as they do

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