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Mae C. Jemison Mae Jemison was the first african american astronaut. She was the first african american women in space. She first went into space on the Endeavour. She was also the first african american women to be accepted into the space academy training program. When Jemison was a little girl she spent a lot of time reading about science. Her favorite kind of science was astronomy. When she was in high school she found out she wanted to get a job in biomedical engineering. After graduating as an honor student she went to Stanford University With a National Achievement scholarship. At Stanford she was involved in many things like Dance, Theater, and was head of the Black Student Union. After she graduated from Stanford she went to Cornell University Medical College. After graduation she went to intern at Los Angeles County/university of california medical center. For two and a half years after that she was in the peace corps teaching and doing medical research. After She left the peace corps she decided to pursue her dream of science. She applied to be in the Astronaut training program but then the challenger disaster occurred. When the challenger was destroyed Jemison was denied her dream. But she didn't give up. The next year over 2,000 people applied for the space program. 15 applicants were accepted and Jemison was one of them. When she was …show more content…

Jemison is 60 years old and is currently alive. She now supports and works for the 100 year starship which is a program that does advanced research projects for astrophysics and space engineering. In conclusion she achieved her dream of reaching space and touching the stars but but has never stopped wanting to touch the stars. She has grown up being appressed, gone to several colleges, earned many degrees, been the first woman to be accepted into the space program, benn the first african american women to be in space, won many awards and and have been honored in many ways. She has lived a full and successful

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