Mae C. Jemison Essay

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Mae C. Jemison was one most famous women in science. She is the first African-American to be a astronaut. She was chosen in the NASA training program in June 4, 1987. After more than one year of training, Mae C. Jemison she was chosen to earn the title of the science mission specialist. On September 12, 1992 with six other astronauts she flew into space. She became the first female astronaut to go into space Mae C. Jemison came to Earth on September 20, 1992 for eight days or 190 hours in space. Mae C. Jemison noted that societies should recognize how much women and people can contribute if given opportunities.

On October 17, 1956 a astronaut was born in Decatur, Alabama, Mae C, Jamison. Her father Charles Jemison was a carpenter and a roofer, …show more content…

She returned to the United States in 1985, Mae C. Jemison made changed her career and decided to follow a dream. In October of that year, she applied for admission to NASA’s astronaut training program. In January 1986 NASA astronaut training program delayed the selection process, but when she reapplied a year later, Mae C. Jemison was one of the 15 candidates chosen from about 2,000 people. When Mae C. Jemison was chosen on June 4, 1987, she became the first African-American woman to be in the astronaut training program. After more than a year of training, she became the first African- American female astronaut earning the title of science mission specialist. When Mae C. Jemison flew into space on September 12, 1992, with six other astronauts aboard on mission STS47, she became the first African-American women in space. In all, she spent more than 190 hours or eight days in space before returning to Earth on September 20, 1992. Mae C. Jemison noted that societies or people should recognize how much both women and members can contribute if given the

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