Fanny Kemble's Journal Essay

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During the 19th century, one of the most important historical events has taken place. In the years 1830 's, black people were captured and detained as slaves. A very big number of black population were sold as workers (slaves). Fanny Kemble, a British woman got to experience the reality of what was going on and asked for justice. At some stage in her life she wrote ' ' The Journal of a residence on a Georgian plantation ' ' in which she talks about natural and environmental discoveries leading to exploration of plantation boundaries. But the most interesting part of her journal was when she started explaining the life of a slave. There were two plantation where the author discusses about, in the region of Georgia near St Simon 's Island. …show more content…

At that time the value of this was very expensive because a lot of clothes were able to create. Black woman, man, old or young were suppose to go in the fields and collect the cotton from the plants. At the end of the day, the master would evaluate each individual and see if there is progression in the amount of cotton collected from each person. When one was not able to accumulate a big quantity he or she was to get whipped. For example, in the movie ' '12 Years of Slave ' ' the main character Solomon, a violinist is captured as a slave where in reality he is a freeman. In 12 years, Solomon had to work day and night without stopping. His friend Patsey, a young girl was always sexually harassed and whipped by her master. Fanny Kemble was able to notice this injustice and wanted to make the world aware of what was really going on by writing and she succeeded. Also reformers could improve and abolish slavery if they would put the effort because if a whole society is asking for a change, that change will happen. If I 'd had to describe Fanny Kemble, I would tell portray her in one word, a hero. I personally think that she deserves this title because she, a white girl, wrote the reality of black individual life and wanted to make realize that whatever was

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