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On February 15, 1912, during the same week in which Edith Elmira Sigler was born in Shelby County, Center Texas, a sister town published the Lubbock avalanche. The U.S postal workers are compared to other mail service workers on how much they make. Lubbock acalanche reminded their followers of the upcoming State Primary that was held on July 27th 1912. Edith Sigler was probably use to seeing the Republicans and the Deomocrats who worked together to fight socaialism. The town of Lubbock was dignosed with “improvemetngitis”. It’s has been determined that it is contagious but will not make you sick. While everyone one in Lubbock was getting over their disease the town of Sweetwater had a fire costing $35,000 in damage. Crosbyton Texas, Lubbock

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