Tericia Ruff Research Paper

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Tericia Ruff lives in Chicago IL, Married for 14 years and has 3 children. Tericia graduated summa cudalada as an inductee of the National Honor Society of Paralegals through the American Bar Association degree program from Robert Morris University in Paralegal Studies/ Law Administration. Currently a Real Estate Entrepreneur, 10 years as a Managing Broker of a real estate brokerage at Ruffs 1 Stop Real Estate and a CEO and upcoming developer in Chicago for UTR Investments LLC partnered along side with her husband. Tericia is also an active member of her church at All Nations Worship Assembly Chicago as an ordained prophet and ministry director. Tericia enjoys family time, friendships, painting, writing, cooking and just enjoying life. Her life motto is "enjoy where you are, who you are and what you have while you build towards where you want to be, who you want to be and what you want to have." REST a Bad…show more content…
Why???? Even God took the 7th day to REST. If God rested why would it not be a necessity for us to rest? Rest is not only a physical regenerator; it’s a mental organizer, a spiritual booster, and an emotional stabilizer. Most of our adversities in life are not our circumstances but our lack of prioritizing the need to take a moment, allocated time or getting away to deflect and reflect from day to day. Point…show more content…
As stated in point one what you do not value you will not make time for. To value is to put a standard on something that is not up for debate. You must first shift your perspectives in knowing that you are a priority. If you do not invest in yourself you are no good to anything or anyone else. Just as we set boundaries for our work place and relationships we have to set boundaries for with our other roles when it comes to taking the needed time out to just REST (breath, think, regroup and
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