Colorado Essays

  • Essay On Colorado Rainfall

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    The average annual rainfall in Colorado is 15 inches (38 centimeters). The rainfall in Denver ranges from 8 to 15 inches annually because of the dry conditions. The average snowfall in Denver is approximately 57 inches annually. Fall in Colorado is typically dry with little precipitation. Summer are low-humidity but can get very hot during the day. The threat of thunder storms is present. Spring in Colorado is very hit or miss. In spring one could see a blizzard, hail, sleet, or a light rain. This

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Colorado

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    Visiting to a state that I have always wanted to go is to visit Colorado with my family; therefore, it was fun while going to that place. This happened last years’ summer. There are a few things that we did in that state. So before we went to Colorado, we had to drive from one state to another. Like we first drove from Illinois, our state, to Iowa. We had to stop in Iowa for many reasons. Our family had to stop to using bathrooms, we also stop and to get gas because we drove on the highway, and sometimes

  • Colorado River Fair Research Paper

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    The Colorado River Fair, as part of the network of California fairs, provides an enormous return on investment both economically and socially. Fairs celebrate our history and heritage. They are an educational opportunity for youth and provide wholesome entertainment for families. 4-H and FFA programs support California’s vibrant agriculture sector. Community members of all ages enter their artwork, baked goods, photography and other homemade products in pursuit of coveted blue ribbons. Many

  • Colorado River Trip Analysis

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    backpacking, and kayaking trips to many different places. It wasn’t really about where we were going because I knew, in my mind, that wherever we were going to go it was going to be beautiful. There was one trip in particular where we were kayaking the Colorado River near Hoover Dam and I remember being amazed by the water, vegetation, and how a mountain goat could be at the very edge of the mountain and not fall off. My first instinct was to “observe the landscape, attending for reasons of [my] own to

  • Colorado's Involvement In The Civil War

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    Many people think the state of Colorado was not involved in the Civil War. That is not completely true but Colorado did not play any very important parts in the war. However this seemingly remote state far west actually was involved with battles and had famous generals lead the Colorado territory. Colorado became a U.S. territory on February 28, 1861, and eventually became a state on August 1, 1876. The territory was useful not only to the Unions being a Union state but it also helped the Confederacy

  • University Park Neighborhood Case Study

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    But when analyzing University Park, you must not forget the fact that the University of Denver is responsible for much of the development in this part of Denver. In the 1880’s, the Colorado Seminary found its new home as the University of Denver in University Park ( With donations made by nearby landowners, the school could begin constructing their first buildings. The donors did have stipulations: There had to be plenty

  • Pros Of Fracking

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    Fracking is not a new think it was invent seventy years ago in 1947(“ Thanks To Fracking, Earthquake Hazards In Parts Of Oklahoma Now Comparable To”).For most of those years it has been loosely regulated because people were further worried about what was happening with the coal industry. The fracking fluid starts in a tank then it moves through a pipe into a sand truck. Then the mixture is moved into the blending truck. It moves tough one more machine which is the frac pump that pumps it down into

  • Cowboy Wash: The Anasazi Culture

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    Archaeological site, Cowboy Wash, is located in South Western Colorado and holds the ancient history of the early Anasazi people (Walker, 1997). Cowboy Wash was excavated by Soil Systems Inc. as part of their Ute Mountain Irrigated Lands Archaeological Project. They constructed the project between 1992-1998 (Billman 1997,1998,1999). The Anasazi people began as a hunter gatherer culture and slowly moved into an agricultural society. One of their main questionable cultural activities is their participation

  • Why Did Humans Survive The Ice Age Essay

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    Ashraf 1 Alia Ashraf Mrs. Nahla Amin English 18 February 2016 How did humans survive the ice age? Ice ages are long periods of time in which Earth is covered with thick ice sheets called glaciers. This period can stay for thousands or millions of years. The oceans and seas are frozen and the temperature is cooled. Also many sources of fresh water were locked behind those ice sheets. The most recent

  • Columbine High School Rhetorical Analysis

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    Columbine High School can forever be associated with the massacre that took place April 20, 1999. Dave Cullen, author of Columbine, captures the heart wrenching and cruel events that unfolded that April through his analysis of the normalities within the day and specific dialogue. Using many rhetorical devices, Cullen develops an agonizing emotion behind the terrible truth; it can happen anywhere. While spreading the terrible truth, he manages to also spread light on the events of April 20 in order

  • 4 Way Test Persuasive Essay

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    Have you ever been bullied before? Most people say it's not a problem, but you might not agree. I think we try to ignore the fact that bullying happens right in your school. Maybe if teens knew about the 4 Way Test it wouldn’t happen. I believe that as a school it is our job to get the word out about the 4 Way Test. The 4 Way Test is a “tool” to help teens and adults make good decisions. The First step of the 4 way test is “Is it true”. Think how would this affect me or how will it affect the person

  • Argument On Imperialism

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    Imperialism is the practice of powerful nations attempting to acquire control over lesser nations; typically, imperialism revolves around expanding or upholding influence. Historically, in The United States, an imperialistic mindset is perceivable in the popular concept of manifest destiny. Again, in 1823, The United States seeks to exude international influence in publishing The Monroe Doctrine. This document is later used as reasoning to invade territories. Evidently, imperialism was intertwined

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Yellow Stone

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    Yellow Stone is an amazing national park. It is located in wyoming, USA and is very exciting. I went to Yellow Stone last year and it was awesome. We went to the hot springs, gysers, and we even got to see a bear and buffalo. Although we didn't stay there for long we still saw a ton of natral beauty. My favorite part of the trip was probably the hot gysers. they were so colorful and beautiful. I would love to go back sometime. Yellow Stone is great for all ages, and there's things for everyone to

  • Compare And Contrast Imperialism

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    According to Webster’s dictionary, expansionism is a policy or practice of expansion and especially of territorial expansion by a nation. While imperialism is the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies. These are two different definitions defining two different things. As expansionism came to an end around 1870, imperialism was just getting started. Competition with other countries, making these

  • Personal Experience: My Journey To A Vicouña

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    I envision myself, ten years from now, standing on the strong Andes Mountains. All around me there is snow and signs of wildflowers --fighting for their place on the mountainside. I feel at peace as my gaze wanders across the horizon. I am in the heart of wilderness in Vicuña, Chile and this is where I belong. Without a doubt, Vicuña would be my choice of travel because of the amazing memories I made this past summer while studying abroad with CIEE through their High School Summer Abroad Program

  • Life In Ponchatoula

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    About Ponchatoula Ponchatoula is the Mayberry of the Deep South and offers residents of the North Shore area a quiet alternative to the sprawling metropolitan city of New Orleans. Over the past three decades, the population of Ponchatoula has increased but not at the expense of the community 's fantastic quality of life. Residents in Ponchatoula are able to enjoy life in a charming small-town environment that is perfect for raising a family and enjoying the simple

  • Virgin Of Guadalupe Analysis

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    The story goes that on December 8th, 1534, on a hill next to Mexico City, a figure showed itself to the indigenous boy Juan Diego (Peterson, Virgin 39) The figure spoke in the boy’s native language, Nahuatl, and asked for a church to be built in her honor on the exact same spot (Peterson, Virgin 39). Almost five centuries later someone who travels to Mexico will not only find a basilica built in the name of the Virgin of Guadalupe, but will encounter thousands of images and representations of her

  • Romanticism In Brokeback Mountain

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    A western is a generof various arts such as film, television, radio, fiction and art. Movies that represent the stories of American West are known western movies. This genre often portrays wilderness of nature in the name of civilization. "The good, the bad and the ugly", "Brokeback Mountain" and "Django unchained" are three different western movies from three different period. Let's take a look in the plot summary of these three movies.  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: During the civil war three

  • Personal Narrative: The Great Smoky Mountains

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    Every year I enjoy vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains, truly are God’s country, with the vast mountain ranges, luscious landscapes, and hypnotizing fresh water streams. I enjoy hiking through the popular trails throughout the Great Smoky Mountains. The Smoky Mountains are covered with hundreds of different trees, but the tallest tree in the Smoky Mountains is the Great Tulip tree. The Great Tulip tree is the tallest of the trees, reaching nearly two hundred feet

  • Animas River Research Paper

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    Have you ever seen a yellow river? Golden river, not so golden after all. In Colorado there was a mine spill in the Animas River that affect many people, animals and their land. The Animas River was polluted with with toxic chemicals that have left an environmental disaster and people can get diseases, from the water, leaving people to wonder if their way of life will ever be the same. The Animas river flowed a yellow color through several states contaminating hundreds of miles of land and the