Psychology Internist Personal Statement

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It was under the most delicate of circumstances, when I realized what I was born to do for the rest of my life. It was march 2007, my grandfather was suffering from pneumonia and due to his deteriorating condition he was hospitalized. I had flown in from Toronto to be by his side. Sitting anxiously by his bedside with tears in my eyes wondering if I could do anything to make my grandfather feel better, I watched doctors come and go , updating us on his blood reports, EKGs, chest x-rays, ABGs, and at the same time constantly counseling my concerned family members. As they explained what they were doing to bring my grandfather to the path of recovery, I watched in utter fascination. I thought, I want to be like them, I want to …show more content…

Throughout my clinical rotations, I found internal medicine to be most rewarding. It requires critical thinking, problem solving skills and deductive reasoning to reach a diagnosis through the data obtained from the patient. But what differentiates a good internist from a great internist is good listening and interpersonal skills. I believe this is where my undergraduate in psychology gives me an edge. In my undergraduate psychology, we are taught the importance of good listening and communication skills which makes the patient feel important, comfortable and establishes a good doctor-patient relationship. My psychology training allowed me to improve my interpersonal skills that will certainly aid me in your residency program. During my clinical rotations, and observerships in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, I was extremely fortunate to work with professors and physicians that were more than willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with me. From teaching students in medical school to currently tutoring students for USMLE, I have always tried to pass on that knowledge. Throughout my career, I have recognized, learning is

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