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The fast-changing pace of Internal Medicine appeals to me as a strong critical thinker. I enjoy the challenge of incorporating all spectrums of medicine into each differential diagnosis; every case is a new problem-solving opportunity. Internal Medicine, more than any other specialty, utilizes my personal knowledge, experience, and the assistance of my team in an all-encompassing analysis with the most up-to-date information for personalized care with each and every patient. Only with true understanding and a personal bond with a patient can one practice preventive medicine, which is a priority in all medicine, but especially important for Internal Medicine, where motivating lifestyle change is crucial. Internists, to me, are lifelong learners, which is why I feel the strongest connection toward the concentration of Internal Medicine. In addition to the broad spectrum of disorders considered …show more content…

My experience in medical school has taught me that I do, in fact, exercise the characteristics vital to being an excellent internist. My altruistic nature leads me to be compassionate to every person I encounter: patients, coworkers, and friends alike. I have already worked in several different locations around the world, I have treated patients of different cultures and learned about many new cultures through my practice. Yet, the most consistent fact of my tenure came from how each of my patients were treated. Even in highly-stressful situations, I remained cool under pressure, treating said patients with the utmost respect and compassion. As an internist, one must be self-aware and held accountable for all actions. Although we all make mistakes, I welcome each and every one as a learning opportunity, one that I can share with my colleagues, earning the

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