Informative Speech On Opioid Addiction

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Hi Noshaba, Thank you for your presentation. You have a very profound question as to the role of physical therapists in opioid addiction. It reminded me of the very inspiring words of the APTA president, Dr. Sharon Dunn (American Physical Therapy Association [APTA], 2015). I would like to quote what she said: “Physical therapists can help individuals manage pain, and greater use of physical therapy could make a real impact on the tragic levels of drug abuse in this country- abuse that often begins with a prescription for pain medication. Efforts like these are at the heart of what we mean when we talk about the transformative power of physical therapy.” The transformative power means that we have to be able to effect changes to our patients. It is such a noble calling for each physical therapist. The magnanimous role of the PT in the fight against epidemic abuse of drugs was made public by no less than President Barack Obama (APTA, 2015). The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have strongly recommended the use of PT, non-drug, non-opioid as the first-line of treatment for chronic pain. The public tends to think that physical therapy deals more on the physical aspect of health. As we have learned in Health and Wellness, there is more than to the physical aspect of health. Wellness do not only include …show more content…

First, we are clinicians to which these patients seek for our expertise to address their health problems. Secondly, we are diagnosticians whereby we seek the underlying causes of our patient’s health issues. Third, we are educators to which we help our patients cope and understand their health conditions. And lastly, we aspire to be the catalyst for a positive change in our patient’s concept of wellness and health. And truly, when we achieve our roles as catalysts for change for our patients we exude the transformative power of physical

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