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During these past weeks at the Archbold ER, I had the opportunity to put into practice many of the content learned in class. This included but was not limited to the proper placement of a Foley catheter using sterile techniques, insertion of an NG tube, and assessment of patients. Even though I attempted to complete some of my initial goals for this internship, I noticed that I couldn’t complete a few of them due to lack of time and lack of experience in the field. Therefore, some of my goals that I’ll need to address during the following three weeks include improve my assessment skills, have better communication with my patients, and improve my questioning to get a better understanding of the cause that brought them in. One the most beneficial …show more content…

Investing my time in the care of my patient gives the opportunity to not only assist them in a difficult situation, but also to learn more about their diagnosis and the treatment, while comparing it to what we have learned in class. For example, I had a patient that suffered from Sickle Cell Disease and came to the ER during a crisis. Correlating this case to the books and the content learned in class, these patients receive at least 1000 mL of fluids, pain medication, and oxygen. Additionally, I had a patient with meningitis. This individual presented with common symptoms such as nuchal rigidity, muscle pain, fever, and chills. The doctor performed a lumbar puncture exam and the cerebrospinal fluid was in the cloudy range of the spectrum. According to the medical staff present at the time, this fluid is supposed to be much clear than what it was at the time of the test. Asking questions to my preceptor is another action I take in order to achieve my goals and problem-solve my obstacles. Additionally, I assist in different cases throughout the ER. For example, when a new patients come or when patients are deteriorating, the available nurses go into the room and help the other nurse. In these situations, I go and help as well and gain experience on the procedure to follow in

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